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Energy Healing

I was born with the gift of energy healing, a gift that I identified with at a very early age.  Through much internal cultivation, my gift has transformed into a powerful remote standalone system of healing.


I also use energy healing in combination with onsite acupuncture sessions which allows me to offer a greatly inhanced healing experience when compared to acupuncture and other chinese medicine treatments alone. 


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Child by the Window

In The Beginning

I've been sensitive to energy since I was a very young child. Not having an outlet for this gift, I suppressed it. As I continued to suppress this gift, it quickly turned into fear. After the birth of my child, this chronic fear spiraled me down into a deep postpartum depression. I was constantly bombarded with intrusive thoughts and the energies around me felt extremely dense. I was in a living hell all the while holding my thoughts and feelings to myslef so as not to alarm friends and family around me. 

Green Light Ray

Tipping Point

My tipping point was when I woke up one morning and felt something hovering over me, choking me.  Struggling to breathe, instinctively I declared out loud, "You are nothing! I am stronger than you! Get away from me!"  To my astonishment whatever it was, that was harassing me, slowly vanished and a denseness lifted.

My Declaration

Right after the denseness lifted I realized the depth of my strength. If energies were trying that hard to repress my gift that they were going to the lengthts of actually stealing the breath - the light right out of me I must have something quite powerful to share with the world. It was then that I made the conscious declaration to not live in fear any longer and to focus on developing my gifts. That decleration led me down a path to a clinical doctorate in acupuncture and an in-depth exploration and cultivation of my God-given gift of energy healing. 


I have a thriving acupuncture and energy healing practice in Bergen County New Jersey and a remote energy healing practice, worldwide. The clients that I attract in my acupuncture clinic, often are also open to the concept of energy healing.  I frequently hear phrases from my clients such as "I've been wanting to try acupuncture, I was just talking about acupuncture to my friend just yesterday, or I was just about to leave, but something made me come back and talk to you".  This phenomenon consistently repeats itself and is of no conincidence.

Private Energy Healing Sessions

Reach a deeper level of healing through 1:1 energy healing sessions offered remotely or in-person.  Call today to find out if these sessions are right for you. 


Energy Healing Circles

I have been called to incorporate energy healing circles into my practice to widen my healing reach. Throught these circles I help to harmonize family units, couples, and friendships.  If you are having challenges within your family, romatic relationship or friendships reach out to find out how my energy healing circles help to harmonize these sacred relationships. Everyone can benifit from my energy healing circles including pets.

There are no coincidences, you are here for a reason, you are ready to heal and I am here to support you every step of the way. Call today to schedule your free discovery to find out how.


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