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  Are you feeling stuck?
I help people who are struggling with navigating through major life events such as infertility, injury, life-changing medical diagnosis or lack thereof, death, divorce, or exiting a relationship.
I hold the codes to help you uncover your strength to
heal and move forward.

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My Client Transformations in Progress...

Image by Roman Akhmerov

Co-Parenting After Divorce

I no longer feel the need to get angry while co-parenting my daughter with my ex-husband. I feel more peaceful when having to interact with him. -A.P 

Stress Incontinence & Urinary Urgency 

After giving birth twice I was suffering from urinary incontinence upon jumping & sneezing and urinary urgency.  After three sessions, over 1 1/2 months my incontinence was completely gone, and my urgency was less often and less severe. -V.J


I was shocked, after one session, my phobia of flying was gone! -A.J


I had a huge cyst, larger than a baseball, behind one of my knees.  It was restricting my range of motion including stopping me from my normal gym activities. After just one session with Doctor Michele my range of motion increased. After several sessions, although the cyst is not 100% gone, I no longer have range of motion restriction and do not even notice the cyst is there at all.  -M.J

Seasonal Allergies 

I've been taking Claritin for many years for seasonal allergies which generally makes my allergy symptoms more manageable. With Doctor Michele’s help I was able to comfortably stop taking the Claritin and my allergy symptoms were reduced even more than with the Claritin and with no side effects!  -This is a common client response!

Back Pain

After three sessions I am shocked at how mobile I have become. I am able to bend and move through normal daily activities that I have not been able to do since my back surgery almost 4 years ago even with physical therapy. -O.R

Knee Pain

After 3 sessions my knee pain was gone! R.L


I suffer from chronic migraines and am on 4 medications - 2 preventative and 2 too take during a migrane Even with these medications I am still not able to function during the height of a migraine. I was shocked that after 10 minutes my active migraine was reduced so much that I could comfortably continue my daily routine. -K.L

Back Pain & Fatique

After one session I feel like a different person. I'm not tired all the time anymore and my chronic back pain went away. I haven't felt like this in years. -N.R


After one session my headache area was reduced in size, and the pain was less intense. After two sessions the occurrences became less frequent too. I love you! -N.F

Chronic Insomnia 

I have had insomnia for my entire adult life, having trouble falling and staying asleep, on average waking 1-2 times a night to urinate.  I have been taking magnesium for years which allows me a few hours of interupted sleep each night.  After my first session with Doctor Michele, I had 4 straight days of uninterrupted sleep and have maintained continued improved sleep.  I feel amazing! I.L 


After contracting Covid I had severe pain on the side of my body for two years that affected my everyday life.  I went to multiple medical doctors who could neither help with nor explain the pain, even with multiple pain medications.  Eventually, doctors prescribed me psychiatric drugs because they said I was imagining the pain. The doctors made me think I was going crazy.  I refused the psychaiatric drugs and after one session with Doctor Michele the pain was significantly reduced to a point that it did not affect my daily life anymore.  This and all my other pains are either gone or continues to reduce each session. God bless you Doctor Michele, I love you!  -R.L

Please note due to the highly personal and sensitive nature of my client transformations all of my client testimonials use very minimal identifiying information. Moreover, some clients choose not to provide reviews even if they are nearly anonymous.

Image by Sanika V
My soul-centered healing method goes well beyond the boundaries of acupuncture -
It combines decades of evidenced based medicine, cutting-edge science, & ancient soul-led wisdom. 

My soul-centered approach combines acupuncture and other complementary modalities to create a
unique healing experience

Every ailment has both a physical/chemical and an energetic component.  If you have sought medical care for chronic issues such as emotional distress, pain, or infertility and reached a plateau you simply cannot get past, it is possible that your medical providers may be addressing the physical/chemical components of your ailments - but not the energetic components. 

I refer to my method as Acupuncture Plus, Beyond the Needle because my approach combines acupuncture and other complementary modalities to create a unique healing experience.  By zeroing in on the root cause of your concern - and treating both the physical/chemical and energic aspects of your ailments - I am able to optimize and minimize treatment durations.  Where other medical care falls short, I get you past your plateau - and on your way to a better you!


Doctor Michele Zic-Tuccino, DAc.
 leading innovation in transformational and generational healing

My journey in holistic healing began 30 years ago when I initiated an exploration of the sensitivity to energy and passion for helping people that I recognized in myself at a very early age. At a collegiate level, this exploration has earned me a second undergraduate degree & a master's and clinical doctorate in acupuncture. My journey to becoming licensed and board-certified in acupuncture spanned 8 years of higher education including over 3,000 hours of both didactic and clinical training in Western and Eastern medicine. Aside from acupuncture, I have trained in many different healing modalities from around the world including Therapeutic Touch, Pranic Healing, Bio Geometry, Jerry Wills's Healing System, and Tina Zion's system of medical intuition. Mentors also began presenting themselves to me who were not teaching me a method or a system, but instead were bringing my awareness to my true natural gifts resulting in my ever-evolving intuitive lead method of holistic healing.


Hand Massage

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